After five years of updates and countless success stories, Marketing Inc is no longer available for sale.

Note: Current members can still login and access all previous training.

Glen and Diggy (very amicably) parted ways on this venture back in 2018 though we still added updates after that.

Glen can be found focusing on SEO Blueprint, Detailed and Gaps.

Dirk is sharing his years of analysis in the cryptocurrency space over on YouTube and his newsletter.

After the launch of SEO Blueprint, Glen promised all Marketing Inc members they could request specific videos from the training and Glen would personally send them on. We've fulfilled every single request so far.

On top of that, I have a personal promise that when SEO Blueprint contains any kind of client acquisition training, it will be given 100% free to all Marketing Inc members.

Huge thanks to everyone who joined us on this journey!

Glen & Diggy